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For pregnancy and parenting advice you can trust, look no further than the Sister Lilian Centre. Here, we strive to improve pregnancy, birth and parenting with a range of different advisory services and activities. 
Sister Lilian, South Africa’s leading pregnancy, birth and babycare expert, shares her sound advice on every page or activity on this website, to help all pregnant women, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grans and granddads! 
Here, you can:

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The history of the Sister Lilian Centre
The Sister Lilian Centre grew out of Sister Lilian’s private midwifery and babycare practice. Sister Lilian was so passionate about improving pregnancy, birth, mother and child care in South Africa, that she opened the Sister Lilian Centre in 1988.
Since then, she has made it her life’s mission to advise families about the kindest, most practical methods of dealing with common concerns ranging from pregnancy, birth, baby and toddler care to general family health.
Initially, the Sister Lilian Centre was a walk-in centre that offered ‘live’ courses, consultations and support groups, but currently all Sister Lilian Centre services are offered online, or are booked by special arrangement with the Sister Lilian Centre.
Keep an eye open for workshops and talks with Sister Lilian, anywhere in South Africa, neighbouring countries or the world!
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