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Bathing your baby in the early days of life


Bathing is not necessary in the first weeks, to protect Baby’s skin, but when you do start, it can be a little overwhelming to bath your wriggly baby. Never fear, you’ll feel like a pro in no time!

Before starting the bath, use a face flannel or moistened cotton wool to clean Baby’s face. To wash Baby’s hair, swaddle him in a towel and hold him with his head cradled in your hand. His body should be securely against your body, tucked under your arm. Your thumb should go over one ear, and your middle finger should cover the other ear to prevent water from entering his ear canals.

Make sure you choose the gentlest of products, so that you don’t harm Baby’s skin in any way.

Next, follow these five easy steps:


1.       Slip your hand under Baby’s neck and grasp Baby’s furthest arm securely with your fingers, with his neck lying on your wrist. Slip your other hand under his buttocks.



2.       Place Baby in the bath and drape a wash cloth over his tummy, so that he feels secure.




3.       Make sure his feet are braced against the end of the bath. An unhappy baby will usually settle immediately and you can wash his tummy, arms, legs and genitals in this position.


4.       To turn Baby over onto his tummy, grasp his furthest arm from the front with your free hand, slip the hand that had been cradling him towards you under his back and grasp him around the chest (thumb on chest, fingers cradling around to his back), turn him onto his tummy in a ‘froggy’ position, with his arm and chin resting over your forearm. Now you can wash Baby’s back and buttocks.



5.       Once Baby is washed all over, grasp him securely around the chest with both your hands, hold him upright to keep his head from flopping and to allow excess water to drip off, place him on his back on a towel, wrap him up, and dry him off.



And don’t forget, Mom and Dad, one of the best ways to bath Baby is for you to bath together, with Baby cradled on your lap. You’ll both love it!

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