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15 Tips for Expressing Like A Pro


Here are Sister Lilian's top tips for expressing effectively:

1. Start expressing as soon as possible after birth – preferably within six hours.
2. Express at least eight times every 24 hours. 
3. Do not go for longer than six hours without expressing.
4. At every session, express until the milk stops flowing. This stimulates milk production and ensures that the creamy, energy-dense hind milk is removed from the breast. 
5. Frequent, thorough expressing is especially important in the first two weeks after birth – during this time, prolactin receptors are activated within the breast tissue, which sets the stage for milk production capacity.
6. Mother-infant contact is essential; express at your baby’s bedside, practice skin-to-skin contact and non-nutritive sucking at the breast – this requires less effort and so won’t tire Baby but will help you make milk and make sure Baby will be able to suckle directly from you in time.
7. Try not to be too anxious, as stress can inhibit milk supply (consider taking Sister Lilian Rescue Emotion to help you cope).
8. Keep up your liquid intake and healthy nutrition.
9. Choose restful times to express milk as the flow will be better.
10. Keep a garment your baby has worn close to you, and smell it before expressing, as this powerful sensory stimulus can help your milk to flow.
11. Allow Baby to stimulate a let-down reflex before continuing with pump expressing.
12. Moisten your areola area with a little water or breast milk, as well as the inside rim of the pump funnel to facilitate suction.
13. Rotate the pump at various angles to the breast while expressing.
14. If expressing by hand, also begin with lighter ‘warm-up’ expressing motions and don’t exert pressure on the same lobes (sections) of the areola all the time, but move your hand around the breast.
15. If you’re using a pump, don’t use full suction power immediately, but gradually build up the suction power as the milk starts flowing.

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